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On-demand solutions

Would your people or customers benefit from a bookable bus service due to restrictions on car parking spaces or varied shift patterns?

With the use of smart data and technology, Stagecoach Connect can bring communities together like never before. Organisations that have partnered with us, trust us to deliver flexible, efficient routes built around what people actually need. These pre-bookable services have reduced the impact on traffic and local infrastructure by only running services as requested and avoiding wasted mileage.

The benefits to you and your people:


App technology

Users select the time they wish to be picked up or arrive at their destination and the Stagecoach Connect App will give a designated pick-up point


Booking alerts

The app sends confirmations and reminders of the booking to a mobile phone


Available UK-wide

We can work with you to create a bespoke solution that ticks all of the right boxes

What our partners say

We’ve been delighted by the ‘can-do’ attitude of Stagecoach. The Combined Authority is pleased by Stagecoach’s dedication in developing and managing this new service for the communities of Tees Valley.

success story

Demand responsive shuttles for key workers

Services that are there for employees, no matter their shift pattern


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