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We try to continually improve your experiences when you visit our website. To help us do this, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files containing information about your browsing session (for example which pages you visited), which are stored in your browser directory.

We use different types of cookies and each one has a specific function. Some cookies are essential to the working of our website and allow you to navigate easily from page to page and perform certain functions (eg buying a ticket). Other cookies allow us to analyse how you use our website, to help us decide how best to improve our website to serve you better.

In some cases, we use cookies to remember a selection you have made (eg your location), which saves you having to make that selection again if you return to our website. Other cookies allow our partners to see how many visitors click from their website to our website, and so allow us to choose the best partners to work with.

We will not store personally identifiable information such as credit card or address details in the cookies we create. All data collected using a cookie will be anonymous and will not hold specific knowledge of who a visitor is.

These are the cookies we use on

  • SC_ANALYTICS, _ga, _gat, _atuvcetc – this cookie is used for Google Analytics tracking, which helps us to better understand how people are using our website

Usually web browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you have visited our website and did not want cookies to be used, please exit the website and use your browser settings to delete the cookies. If you do this and revisit our website, cookies will again be set unless you change your browser settings to reject cookies.

We are committed to comply with the recent legislation changes for storing information on a user’s computer or mobile device which are detailed on the ICO website. We aim to be honest and clear about your privacy when using our website.

You can find out more about managing and deleting cookies from

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