Accessibility Statement


Stagecoach is committed to working towards providing digital information that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of ability or technology. This page explains our approach to making this website accessible and the features provided to enhance the site’s accessibility.

Using the website

We are actively working to ensure our website is as accessible as possible, and as part of our aim to provide the most accessible experience possible for our visitors we have implemented the following accessibility features:

Keyboard navigation

  • Logical and consistent navigation is provided for keyboard users
  • Links are highlighted on keyboard focus
  • Our Stagecoach logo links directly to the home page
  • You can skip to the main content, main navigation (when the page contains it) and the accessibility page by pressing the tab key to navigate through links after the page loads, and then pressing the enter key on the appropriate link

Changing the display colour and font

Although we do not offer any alternate colour schemes to display the website, you can use the controls in your browser to change the size of the text or the colour of the display.

We work to ensure that the contrast of text and background colour combinations is sufficient and we have also ensured that information is not referenced or communicated by colour alone.

Links, new windows and layers

Links contain clear text and can be understood out of context for screen reader users.

Links to pages on the same website will open in the same window. Links to pages on external websites will open in a new window.

Links to downloadable documents and files will open in a new window to avoid conflicting with assistive technologies.

You can open links in a new window by using the keyboard shortcut Shift + Enter in most modern browsers. Please note: the keyboard shortcut for opening links in a new window may be different depending on the browser and operating system.

Downloadable files

We have made files available to download in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format,

If you are unable to open this type of document, please download and install the latest versions of the free viewer software and online app:

Adobe Acrobat Reader download page

Viewing the website through a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)

The site has been built responsively, so that it adapts on smaller devices, allowing the user to view and navigate the content with ease.

iOS and Android devices have a number of built in assistive features that users could take advantage of. For more information please see the following links:

Browser compatibility

We expect this site to display correctly in current browsers and have cross-platform and cross-browser tested for compatibility with modern desktop browsers, including:

  • the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • the latest version of Apple Safari
  • the latest version of Google Chrome
  • the latest version of Opera

Please note: you may experience issues with older versions of these browsers or other web browsers.

For more advice on your browser’s accessibility settings, please see the browser vendor’s help and support pages.

Web standards and technologies

This website has been developed to widely used standards for HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

This website is reliant upon HTML and CSS to render content. Please make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser settings.

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