Business bus services

Design a commute that works for everyone.

Business bus services

Do you want to give your employees an easier, hassle-free way to get to work?

Our business bus services are good for your employees and good for business. Whether you need corporate ticketing, shuttle buses or flexible services to make commuting easier and cheaper, we can work with you to find more sustainable solutions that will help you attract and retain the best workforce.

The benefits to you and your people:


New journeys on current routes

If working hours don’t align with regular timetables, we could run buses earlier or later to meet your shift patterns


Creating a new route just for you

We can create or adjust a route based on where your employees live to make it easier for them to use the bus


Park & Ride

We could run a bus specifically to a location of your choice from one of our park & ride sites

What our partners say

Our colleague branded bus is key to reaching out into many of our communities and making our job opportunities accessible to all. Stagecoach were wonderful to work with on this project – and we’ve seen really positive results.

success story

Adapting to online retail trends

Building a network of services to cater for growth in the XPO logistics workforce and widen their employment catchment area.


Find the right solution for you

Our friendly team will work with you to build a personalised transport solution that meets your needs

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